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Rachel Ratcliff is a award winning visual artist currently residing in Clearwater, Florida. Rachel was born into a family of artists, gardeners, and naturalists and was immersed in a world of nature and art at a young age.

Working primarily with acrylics, her early art emerged from the colorful botanical universe of forests, gardens, and fields. Morning glories, sunflowers, and insects that daily encompassed her day-to-day life instilled a great respect and love for the wild world around her.

Nature can be grim and beautiful simultaneously. "I want to bring that feeling into one's home on a canvas... that they are standing in their home but at the same time on top of a mountain or peering through the filtered colors of the sun in the crest of an ocean wave. To remind them of, and connect them to the priceless earth around us. To show what we should be protecting, and what we stand to lose."

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